Flower Shop and Delivery in Aventura

If you are looking for an upscale flower shop in Aventura to provide stunning flowers for your wedding or if you need an expert to help you choose the perfect contemporary floral arrangement ready for same-day delivery then Amazing Flowers Miami is the top-rated local florist for you. We have been delivering flowers to Aventura for 18 years and we're looking forward to serving our community for at least 18 more.

Which Aventura Florist Delivers the Best Flowers?

The most outstanding flower delivery service in Aventura is Amazing Flowers Miami. Their bouquets are more like masterpieces, according to their client reviews. Amazing Flowers Miami has the skill and experience to select the flowers, colors, and designs to compliment your special occasion. Flowers of various types and colors convey multiple feelings:

-A rose arrangement, with colors like red, orange, and pink, expresses gratitude for your loved one's unwavering love and devotion.

-The milky-white lily with curled petals symbolizes elegance and grace. Choose orange and pink flowers to demonstrate success and prosperity in your business. Send yellow lily blossoms to someone you want to thank.

-Tulips in red and pink represent love and close relationships, while the color purple is associated with royalty.

-Gerbera daisies blooms come in a rainbow of colors that convey happiness.

Amazing Flowers Miami can put together a flower presentation that always makes your special day one to remember.


Things to Do in Aventura

Florida is already known as The Sunshine State, but Aventura takes this to another level with an average of 242 days of sunshine per year; this great weather is ideal because there are miles of beautiful beaches to truly enjoy the sunshine. Aventura is a beautiful part of Florida that's great for vacationers and tourists of all types and since it's so close to Miami, Aventura is part of the most exciting city in the world.

-Oleta River State Park

-St. Bernard De Clairvaux

-Tidal Cove Water Park

-Founders Park

Flower services by Amazing Flowers Miami

Their skilled florists prepare and deliver your floral orders on time. If preparing the arrangement as shown on our website is not possible, they replace it with flowers that closely match your order. These categories are:

Palm Tree Lighting

People spend a lot of time outside during celebrations. So, it's a great idea to brighten up your commercial property outdoors. They know plants that go very well with lighting systems and decorations in Aventura. For example, designers adorn palm trees with dazzling lights designed for specific occasions. While your goal is to improve your company's visual appeal, all installations are safe.

Valentine's Day flowers

On Valentine's Day, more flowers are given than any other day of the year. Want to stop sending the same rose every year? The experts at Amazing Flowers Miami can help you build a memorable Valentine's Day arrangement. Send her a bouquet of tulips, irises, lilies, or even red roses. The same goes for your commercial Valentine's décor.

Corporate flowers

Amazing Flowers Miami provides a package for your business event, hotel, condos, or other business. Amaze your clients with customized floral arrangements from their corporate flower services team. We do more than deliver. You can depend on them to help you set up and manage flower displays. Fresh flowers all year, seasonal decor, and upkeep are all available from our experts. Inspire your clients and associates with your office.

Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers are a must. But, it's not just about the flowers. It's about how they are combined. And because weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experience events, they customize them to your liking. Instead of boring off-the-shelf packages, they create magnificent personalized wedding flower arrangements to your preference. The florists work with you to create a unique package that fits your theme. They will create the desired mood with popular or unusual flowers.

When to contact Amazing Flowers Miami

Sometimes you don't always have the right words to express gratitude. Luckily, flowers are a great way to do that. Their engagements can be:

To Congratulate: You may not know how to congratulate someone on their college graduation, promotion, new baby, or home purchase. Send flowers to honor them.Show someone you care: Flowers are a great way to show your loved ones that you care. The package will show them how much you care. Special moment celebration- Wedding anniversaries and birthdays are occasions to cherish. Flowers are the perfect addition to such events. Amazing Flowers Miami offers a sensation of presence even though miles apart.You are brightening a person's day: How to make someone smile when you're out of ideas? Hey, buy them flowers! Same-day delivery will make their day.Get to know Aventura better

Suppose you have recently moved to Miami-Dade and are considering your options. Or you want to change your life- Miami, Aventura is a little slice of paradise for you. You only make one first impression, as they say. When you first discover Aventura, that's everything you want to know, because the wonderful ambiance will stick with you and get better with every discovery.

Aventura has a fantastic climate cycle with an average of 242 sunny days every year. There is no need for a heavy winter coat, boots, or gloves. Temperatures rarely deviate from the normal range of 68 to 82 degrees. You may have a couple of too many rainy June days, but you wouldn't want to grow spoiled, do you? Even in the hottest months, the sea breezes provide a pleasant respite.

If you have kids, the schools are among the best in the state. With an outstanding learner-to-teacher ratio in Aventura, you'll love the extra attention your child receives. Families and school officials in Aventura value education.

Do you love shopping and trying new delicacies? Aventura Mall is a masterpiece in elegance and sophistication, centered on two of the best department stores. Your shopping experience includes over 300 great boutiques and brands you know and trust.

You can unwind at one of the over 40 eateries when you're ready. This mall also features local artists in various mediums. Grab a coffee and explore the exhibitions. In addition, you can visit SkyLake Mall, Intracoastal Mall, The Shoppes at the Waterways, and The Village at Gulfstream Park for a more intimate shopping experience. Aventura has a taste to suit everyone.

For the best advice about the community, the designers that make deliveries to homes and offices sprinkled along its residential streets may testify to a neighborhood. For example, amazing Flowers Miami knows Miami-Dade and Southern Florida.

Amazing Flowers Miami offers a wide selection of types and sizes. Their flowers are always freshly picked, with brilliant colors and scents. Their site is clean, sophisticated, and easy to use. Their courteous drivers deliver to restaurants, workplaces, private houses, condos, and hospitals. Gratitude, compliments, and date night are excellent for their same-day delivery. Contact us today for fast and reliable delivery.

The Amazing Flowers Miami Advantage

There are many advantages you'll get by choosing Amazing Flowers Miami for your business events, parties, birthdays, or whatever occasion you need them for.

Flower Variety

It's unlikely you'll ever want for choices when it comes to different types of flowers here, including both native and non-native options.


These come in many different sizes and shapes, including red for love, pink for affection or well wishes, and purple for royalty or high regard. This means that these flowers have a lot of versatility in terms of what you want to say to a specific person or regarding a particular event.


Roses are among the most popular flowers ever. They have such vibrant colors including pink, red, orange, or even a rainbow collection of them. They are great for occasions like Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or just to show appreciation to an individual or even a group of people.

The List Goes On & On

Whatever you need, be it Lilies, Gerbera daisies, or local flowers, Amazing Flowers Miami likely has something in that category that you can arrange for your special event.

Easy Online Ordering

Another advantage of Amazing Flowers Miami is that it's surprisingly easy to order flowers whenever you want right from the Internet. It only takes a minute to create an account, and just a few more clicks to get exactly what you want. If you don't want to create an account, you can also always just check out as a guest and get an account later as well.

Talented Florists

The staff has many years of experience helping to guide people to the exact arrangement of flowers that will be perfect for their situation. This includes options like Holland flowers, fresh topical versions, and a huge range of designs. These designs can be anything you want, including something more minimalistic and spare, or complex, floral arrangements with lush flowers of every stripe. Many can even have their own structural architecture. Expert florists have seen it all and love what they do. They will be happy to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for to make any occasion perfect.

Customer Service

The team at Amazing Flowers Miami is dedicated to making sure that you are completely satisfied with every order fulfilled. Not only will they help you find the perfect arrangement, but it can then be delivered to wherever you specify and the tireless agents will keep helping you until you are fully satisfied with your arrangement and your order.

Same-day Delivery Options

Floral emergencies are no problem either. If you need flowers delivered on the same day that you order them in the Aventura area, this can be done easily. If you place the order by 3 PM, then it can be delivered to any local home or business on the same day. Amazing Flowers Miami can take orders through the phone, through email, or right from their website. You don't actually have to go to their store location to get this done.

Good Communication

Aventura has several ways of contacting them including through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In as well as their email options, their phone number, and through a form right on the site. They have many years of experience serving the Aventura and surrounding areas and you can see pictures of exactly what their arrangements look like on their site.

Getting Started

For more information about exactly how Amazing Flowers Miami can help you with same-day delivery of an exquisite floral arrangement, please call (305) 787-0700.


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