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The Bible's Book of Exodus tells the story of the generations of Hebrews enslaved by the Egyptians, which culminates with the Hebrews' escape to freedom.

Passover is an annual eight-day celebration in honor of their liberation. It's held in the spring between the 15th and the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan.

This year, Passover will be celebrated from Monday, April 19 - Monday, April 19.

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Traditional Flowers for Passover

The symbolism of each aspect of Passover extends to the flowers you choose to decorate the home and Seder table. If you want to provide the floral centerpiece for your host or friend's table, it's recommended to ask what the color scheme is going to be prior to ordering. The traditional bouquet is a blend of blue and white; however, any spring flowers are a welcome addition to the celebration.


The Seder Begins it All

The Seder is the meal that begins the week-long festivities. This feast is enjoyed the first two nights after sundown by family and friends and is steeped in ritual and tradition. Each element of the Seder is symbolic of the Israelites' enslavement and flight to freedom.

The final two days of Passover are representative of the final phase of the Israelites' trek to freedom with the parting of the Red Sea and their entry into the Promised Land. Each of the two-day designations is considered a holy holiday where a strict adherence to work and worship canons is expected. The four days in between are considered a semi-festive time period. 

If you have received an invitation to a Seder, or you want to send a Passover gift to a Jewish friend, flowers are especially appreciated. While there are other gift choices, finding and deciding on kosher wine and food can be especially challenging for someone not familiar with the faith.

Because the Seder is governed by ritual, it is best to give flowers that are already potted or placed in a water-filled vase. According to Jewish law, your host is prohibited from certain types of work during Passover, which includes any type of cultivation or planting. If you give a bouquet of flowers that is not placed in a vase, Jewish law dictates that it be left to wilt on the counter.


Whether large or small, sunflowers are representative of the sun itself and its guiding force. They may be bright yellow or a shade of red, but they symbolize longevity. That may indicate a long life, or they could symbolize the strong bonds shared with others.


Like springtime itself, the daffodil is the essence of rebirth. These trumpet-like blooms are usually the first to awaken the season and herald new beginnings.


Indicative of enduring love, tulips embody a perfect union. Create a colorful bouquet of tulips to symbolize the joyousness of the occasion.

Gerber Daisies

A bouquet of all the joyous colors the Gerber daisy displays is an effective way to display the bright future embodied in the Passover celebration.

Stargazer Lilies

Complete your floral display with the fragrant Stargazer lily. Its visual imagery, with its perfect shape, creates a sense of optimism. The Stargazer is linked with spirituality and is considered a guiding force to lead you out of despair.


While irises are available in several different colors, deep blue is an appropriate choice for a Passover gift. If you want to brighten your friend's celebration include this symbol of hope and admiration.

Vibrant Flowers Represent Renewal

Although blue and white bouquets dominate the traditional Passover décor, a brilliant palette of spring's offerings is a reminder of the renewed energy and life that's indicative of the season.

The Importance of Blue and White with the Jewish Faith

White's imagery relates to purity. It's a representation of the cleansing and renewal of the spirit that's been enslaved. Blue may be interpreted as the greatness that is the sea and sky as well as the expanse of the universe. Red is symbolic of the earth, and all that's created upon it. The mixture of red and blue creates purple, and purple is the point at which man and woman meet God.

You may want to consider a planter filled with violets and purple tulips and highlighted with white hydrangeas. Amazing Flowers of Miami can assist you with just the right combination for your celebration.

A quintessential Passover bouquet embodies the softness of white roses combined with the exuberance of daisies and the rejuvenation of white lilies all offered with the subtle hues of blue found in hydrangea petals with a hint of purple statice.

The Redemptive Theme of Passover

On the surface, Passover is a yearly celebration commemorating the Jews' escape from enslavement at the hands of the Egyptians. At its core, however, it is symbolic of redemption. It represents God's intercession in the Israelite's liberation, but it involves another deeper layer for humanity. It's a reminder for Jews to cleanse the spiritual self in order to reach one's full potential ethically and morally.

The preparation for Passover involves a thorough cleansing of the home and removal of any leavened foods. Again, the surface meaning here alludes to the hasty departure of the Hebrews from Egypt and the gathering of their bread for the journey before it had time to rise properly. Like unleavened bread, however, the symbolism is representative of the cleansing of one's soul and removing any added fillers, such as arrogance.

With so many layers to such a joyous spring celebration, you can see why each and every aspect of the holiday is so ceremonially linked with symbolic traditions.

Choosing the Right Florist To Assist You

Choosing a Passover gift involves careful thought and consideration. If you want to honor your friend with a gift that shows you appreciate his or her traditions, but you are uncertain where to begin, contact Amazing Flowers Miami.

Our experienced florists are here to offer insight into the best choice for a floral arrangement. We understand the importance of color scheme as well the intrinsic meaning of each bloom.


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