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If you're planning a wedding, you'll find that there are countless ways to make magnificent wedding arrangements and bouquets. And there's no better way to communicate your personal style than to customize the flowers at your wedding ceremony and reception.

That's why Amazing Flowers Miami works with you to develop a personalized package to suit your individual needs. You won't find any "ready-made" flowers here; instead, we take the time to personally consult with you in order to learn exactly what you want.

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White Wedding Flowers

A symbol of purity and innocence, the color white is the emblem of new beginnings, capturing the reverence and humility in which we approach sacred moments. Don't forget, however, that the white wedding tradition only caught on after Queen Victoria wore white in her nuptials with Prince Albert in 1840. The color became associated with wealth and status, and the tradition spread to Western Europe and the United States by the 1880's. Although brides today should feel free to choose whatever theme color they want, white wedding flowers still make a dazzling statement.

White floral arrangements usually consist of larger "face flowers" that serve as the main attraction. Some examples include -- but are not limited to -- peonies, white button pom poms, white calla lilies, magnolias, and tulips. And of course, although most varieties of roses are medium sized, they are yet another wedding classic. You can select full and frilly blooms or choose blossoms that are sleek, smooth, and elegant. Here are some more ideas to keep in mind when designing white wedding flowers with your unique look:

Select tiny flowers such as lily-of-the valley or star-of-David to go in between the larger face blossoms.Use several different types of white face flowers to add variety, form, and texture to the arrangement  (for example, pom poms, tulips, and magnolias).Create a stunning picture of simplicity when you contrast white flowers with green leaves or unique grasses.Delicate, trailing or cascading greenery in a bride's bouquet adds fluidity and movement which reinforces the flow of a long white veil or gown.Make a powerful statement by mixing white flowers with brilliant, colored blooms, such as a bouquet of white calla lilies accented with red roses.For a more subtle combination, try mixing white flowers with delicate pastel pinks, blues, yellows, greens, or peach. With these choices you can present a picture of femininity, youthfulness, and new beginnings associated with Easter and springtime.Finally, experiment with white blooms that have tinges, stripes, or flecks that tie in with the different colors from surrounding flowers.

To get more creative ideas on how to use white flowers in your wedding, take a look at some of our best white flower arrangements for inspiration.

Other Color Themes

In addition to a flower's own symbolism, you can add to their meaning and message when you select different colors:

-Pink in your bouquet conveys joy, grace, and femininity.

-Yellow represents new beginnings, friendship, and affection.

-Oranges ymbolize boldness, pride, and enthusiasm. 

-Purple is the color of royalty, conveying respect and admiration.

-Blue wedding flowers range from baby blue, aqua, teal, and turquoise, to bright, highly saturated colors. Depending upon the shade and the floral context, blue blossoms can be used to depict the serenity of a calm sea or beach, the blue sky of a sunny day, or the symbol of life that we see in the delicate blue of a robin's egg. Some shades also communicate health, healing, strength, fortitude, and youth.

-Red: It goes without saying that red wedding flowers convey strong emotions: passion, attraction, desire, love, excitement, romance, and fiery strength. They're always attention-drawing and stunning, whether you use tarnished red, deep scarlet, or bright, playful shades.

-Deep violets and indigos:Use these trendy colors to symbolize spirituality and healing, or to convey a sense of deep, mysterious beauty.

-Dark opulance: Achieve a luxurious, opulent look in your wedding bouquets with deep reds, burgundies, indigos, or purples. These darker colors can be offset by dusky pinks, tarnished oranges, or creamy ivories. This style of understated elegance is great for upscale Hollywood wedding events and similar venues.

From Traditional Flowers to the Truly Unconventional

Here is a list of popular wedding flowers to choose from when creating a one-of-a-kind look for your special day:


Roses need no introduction. They're a classic wedding flower, either used alone in a bouquet, or mixed with other blossoms of the same color. They're guaranteed show-stoppers when used as brilliant accents that contrast with deeper, brighter, or lighter flowers. You can accentuate the contrast by incorporating other types of flowers of a different size, or by adding stock flowers, berries, or greenery to fill out the rose arrangement.


Tulips have long been associated with the concept of perfect love. Known for their easily recognizable shape, they come in an almost endless array of colors. Include them in wedding flower arrangements by themselves for a traditional look, or mix them up with flowers that have a totally different structure.


Considered by many to be the ultimate wedding flower, the peony represents romance, prosperity, and good fortune. It supposedly bestows honors, riches, and a happy marriage upon the new couple.

Calla lilies

Just as its name means "beauty" in Greek, the calla lily communicates magnificence and beauty, while its trumpet-shaped bloom conveys triumph. Although some associate calla lilies with desire, to others it represents purity and faithfulness.


Orchids are a popular wedding flower, especially for tropical and semi-tropical locations -- just the ticket for ceremonies on the beaches of Miami. Orchids are graceful, refined, elegant, exotic, and delicate, symbolizing love, beauty, strength and luxury.


Rununculus blossoms have probably appeared in the majority of the wedding flowers you've ever seen. Varieties usually have blooms that come in smaller sizes, so they're traditionally used to compliment the larger face flower. However, an arrangement with rununculus by itself brings a unique twist to a modern wedding.


The soft, delicate-looking hydrangea is a highly popular wedding flower. Usually appearing in white, cream, pink, or blue for weddings, these flowers easily add a touch of femininity and loveliness to bridesmaids' bouquets. For a more unconventional use of hydrangea, look for green hydrangea that has touches of dusky pink or burgundy in its petals.


If you want to pick an unusual flower for classy, upscale wedding arrangements, the anemone is the way to go. This perennial flower comes in many varieties and shades -- bright blues, reds, yellows, and more. There's even a stunning white anemone that has a black center, which is just perfect for a black-and-white wedding theme. Other varieties of anemones also come in black, where the the dark colors on the petals branch out and spread into indigos and deep violets, or markings of cream, yellow, or white.


Nothing speaks to the dignity and nobility of feminine beauty than the magnolia. Use these breathtaking flowers in white or neutral wedding arrangements to convey class and sophistication. For an astounding surprise, mix them up with anemones or other more unconventional wedding blossoms.


If you're looking for a flower as gorgeous as a rose, but not quite as ubiquitous, lisanthius could be your answer. Full and frilly, its petals are slightly more open than what you would find in a rose blossom.

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